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Alpaca Saddle Blankets

Alpaca Saddle Blankets

Alpaca saddle blankets made in the USA with the fiber from our alpacas.  No dyes, so no fading!  Super comfortable, made from all-natural alpaca fiber and jute.  Your horse will love it!  


Alpaca Saddle Pads come in a variety of colors/patterns in either dark or light shades.   Please specify dark or light color choice.


  • Details:

    Our alpaca blankets are handwoven in the USA. The fiber is made into yarn and wrapped around a jute core. The weavers use the fleece we provide and develop the patterns as they go. Very seldom are any two alike. 

    We choose not to dye our alpaca fiber to create a more natural and organic look, so they don't fade!



    We charge you exact shipping costs plus a $ 5 handling fee.


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