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Alpaca Fur Hat

Alpaca Fur Hat

Dress like a princess!  Duchess Kate Middleton is frequently seen wearing beautiful Russian style alpaca hats like these.  With aristocratic appeal, this is "the hat" you want to be seen in whether you’re commuting to work, on the slopes, or enjoying a night on the town.


  • Our gorgeous 100% Alpaca Fur Hats are simple, yet dramatic.
  • Divinely soft, fluffy and warm!
  • Hand-crafted for warmth and luxury.
  • Look chic no matter what the weather brings.
  • Available in True Black, Snow White, Vivid Red, Autumn Brown, Blue Grey, and Champagne.
  • Each alpaca hat is unique and density/length/color shades may vary from hat to hat.
  • One Size fits most

    The Alpaca is a gentle, affectionate and beautiful animal.  They are also quite valuable, so no Alpaca is ever killed for its pelt alone.  There are however, over 3 million alpaca in Peru, and a certain percentage of them will perish in the harsh Andes environment each year.  Pelts from these animals are harvested and used to make rugs and other home accessories.

$119.99 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price
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