Alpaca Woven Rugs:  Multicolored Stripes and Accents

Size:   3' x 5 '    * Individual dimensions may vary, as all of our rugs are handmade.


Alpaca Country Estates has created this masterpiece especially for you from the fleece of our alpacas. Just feel the softness!  The rug is a perfect place for bare feet to land on a cold winter morning when rising from a cozy bed.  The alpaca fiber is spun around a jute core which gives the rug years of durability and allows it to be reversible. Each rug is a unique work of art.  The weave structure is tight and will last for years of wear.  Super comfortable, soft to walk on, made from all-natural alpaca fiber and jute. All natural - no dyes!


Because we use fibers from our ranch, you may find bits of straw in the rug. This is due to the fact that they are not mass produced and are made from small family businesses. You may find their texture to be very appealing.


Choose From:

Rug 1 - Black Center with Charcoal Band & White Stripes 3'x5'

Rug 2 - Cream, Charcoal & Black Barcode Stripe 3'x5'

Rug 3 - Charcoal Base with Cream Accents & Black & Cream Bands 3'x5'

Rug 4 - Brown Base with Cream & Black Center Accent & Stripes on Ends 3'x5'

Rug 5 - Brown, Cream, Black & Tan Barcode Stripe 3'x5'

Rug 6 - Grey, Brown, Cream & Black Southwest Stripe 3'x5'

Rug 7 - Brown/Black Blended Base with Cream Bands on Ends 3'x5'

Rug 8 - Grey, Black, Tan, Charcoal & Cream Southwest Stripe 3'x5'

Rug 9 - Brown Base with Cream Accents & Stripes 3'x5'

Rug 10 - Brown Base with Grey & Cream Accents & Stripes 3'x5'

Rug 11 - Grey Medley with Black & White Accents & Bands 3'x5'

3' x 5' Alpaca Woven Rugs: Multicolored Stripes & Accents

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