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Fiber so magnificent

and incredibly soft,
it was once reserved for Incan royalty.

Nancy Chapel-Izer and Art Izer
Meet Nancy and Art


Owner/Operators of Alpaca Country Estates Ranch and B & B.

Living with over 1,000 alpacas on our lush 134-acre pastures, we are always happy to share our alpaca passion. 

Magical Strands

A visit to our ranch store brings to you a luxury experience of texture and style. We know that you will find something to please the senses, that is affordable and lasting.

Located on beautiful rolling pastures of Central Oregon,  you will find its ambiance as distinctive and authentic as its surroundings.  Each item in our shop is unique and inspired by our lovely alpacas.  You'll feel it the minute you visit!


As beautiful as our collections of artisan-made, luxury fiber clothing, quilts and accessories are online, they are even more amazing in person!

Mt Hood, OR in view

Alpaca Country Estates Bed & Breakfast


Enjoy a morning cup of coffee or tea as you gaze at our adorable alpaca.  Rooms available year round.

Education & Tours:

Alpaca Country Estates is committed to continuing education for ourselves, the alpaca community and the general public.  We are available for class and group trips by appointment.  For more information or to make arrangements, please contact us.

Alapca Country Estates View
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