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"Alpaca Golden Sun" Stained Glass Mosaic

"Alpaca Golden Sun" Stained Glass Mosaic

About Alpaca Golden Sun


The artist’s dear friend Nancy, owner of Alpaca Country Estates, commissioned Gina to create her favorite scene in mosaic stained glass, her Alpacas grazing in the pasture as the golden sun sets over the magnificent Three Sisters Mountain Range.


Nancy provided the artist her favorite photo and envisioned it coming to life in colored glass. Inspired by the photo, the artist collaborated with local artist, Yvette Soot, to create the design for the piece. The art studio was set up in the van on the property. She spent 2 weeks at the estate working in nature, observing the alpacas and the sky doing its magic.


This is the artist's first time interpreting from a photo requiring as much detail and reality as possible. Incredible attention was given to every aspect including the colors of the sky, the mountain range, the treeline and most importantly, the alpacas! As you gaze upon the work, we hope you will feel awe and wonder of nature’s beauty as sunlight beams through the glass.


About the Artist

Gina is a traveling artist who finds inspiration in nature. She is currently traveling cross country in a van with her pup, Presley. Gina’s early career began in corporate America working in sales for fortune 500 companies. After stepping away to raise her three children, she returned to work as an Executive Director leading a non-profit start up. She was recently given the opportunity to retire and shift her focus to travel, spending more time in nature that feeds her soul.


Creativity has always been a part of Gina’s free spirit. She grew up spending weekends at a lake, surrounded by water, outdoor adventures and family. The style of Gina’s work is inspired by the beauty of nature; forests, trees, rivers, flowers, animals, and the wide open sky. Gina loves creating art that focuses on relationships with each other and nature. She uses reclaimed products whenever possible, salvaged windows and scraps of stained glass. Alpaca Golden Sun is her first piece seeking to demonstrate the realistic movement of animals in their natural habitat.


Gina seeks quiet spaces in nature to create. She believes art has the power to heal broken hearts. She hopes that as you take this into your heart you are filled with peace, hope and joy. To Gina, art is love and that is something we could all use a little more of ♥


Contact Gina:

(314) 254-3331 (text or call)

  • Handmade One of a Kind Item

    Each piece of this beautiful mosaic of stained glass created by Gina is handmade, and therefore slight variations may occur. Please allow 2-4 weeks for creation and shipping of these one of a kind mosaics.

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