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Baby Alpaca's Adventure - Book in Paperback or Hardcover

Baby Alpaca's Adventure - Book in Paperback or Hardcover

Baby Alpaca's Adventure

An adorable book conceived and written while, visiting our pastures. Come see the characters in person at Alpaca Country Estates.


Overview: A baby alpaca wanders away from the nursery to explore the ranch and search for his true purpose. During his grand adventure he discovers a nose-kissing alpaca, a friendly hen, and a spunky one-eared mouse. His new friends teach him all about alpacas and ranch life in Oregon, and help him find his way back home to his mama.


Inspired by: The animals and workers at Alpaca Country Estates ranch in Terrebonne, Oregon


Written by: Ann Rivera

Illustrated by: Liz Brizzi

Spanish Interpretation by: Rocio Herman


Formats Available:  Paperback or Hardcover

Language:  English* 

Grade Level:  1 - 4

Reading Level:  6 - 10 Years

Number of Pages:  48

Size:  Paperback (6 x 0.1 x 9 inches) or Hardcover (6.25 x 0.4 x 9.25 inches)


*Please Note: The paperback and hardcover English versions have arrived!  We are taking currently taking pre-orders for the Spanish version which we expect to be available in 2021.

  • More

    Great glossy cover, bright sensational illustrations inside, awesome warm adventure, educational name it!


    Readers can meet the people and animals on the ranch by reading the book- or they can read and come out to the ranch to have an adventure of their own!

  • About the Author:

    Ann Rivera has had a passion for writing and storytelling since she was a little girl. This is her first children's book written to celebrate the imagination of her inner child– the true source of all her creativity. This story evolved from an over-night stay at the Alpaca Country Estates Bed & Breakfast with her daughter Sierra. Ann is a life and sports mindset coach and the author of her memoir Journey to the Heart of Pachamama. She lives and plays in Bend, Oregon with her husband and two children. 

  • About the Illustrator:

    Liz was born and raised in Paris before moving to California at the age of sixteen. Growing up in a family of storytellers, she quickly picked up a pencil as a little girl to draw her own comic books. She went on to graduate from Otis College of Art and Design in 2002 and started her career as an illustrator. Her passion for children's books ignited when her son was born, and she has been focusing on telling stories and bringing them to life with her pencils ever since. When she's not drawing, Liz loves to propagate succulents, cook Italian food, or read books without pictures. 

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