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Queen Sized Alpaca Comforter

This amazing alpaca comforter is a true art piece, hand made out of warm, fuzzy alpaca, and guaranteed to be admired by all!  


Alpaca Fur Rugs/Comforters are made by hand using a thousand year old tradition in Peru. Each Artisan combines the warmth of natural furs with modern techniques to produce a one of a kind, luxury for the home.  Whether used as a rug, a bedspread, or a wall hanging, you'll have something that will be in the family for generations.

Individual Alpaca pelts are carefully selected for the color, texture, and the fine natural shadings best suited for the chosen design; then the pelts are cut to fit each design. Attention is paid to the the tones and shadings of each piece in the final piece.


Peruvian Luxury Alpaca Comforter

$875.00 Regular Price
$815.00Sale Price
  • The Alpaca is a gentle, affectionate and beautiful animal.  They are also quite valuable, so no Alpaca is ever killed for its pelt alone.  There are however, over 3 million alpaca in Peru, and a certain percentage of them will perish in the harsh Andes environment each year.  Pelts from these animals are harvested and used to make rugs and other home accessories.

  • We charge you exact shipping costs plus a $ 5 handling fee.

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