KUNA, the new name of the famous brand Alpaca 111, the oldest and most prestigious Alpaca brand in the market.


We are offering a Kuna Folklore Tunic, which is lightweight yet extremely warm!
Fashionable visible outer surface seams can be turned inside out by removing the tags.
This tunic has a large crew neck, and 3/4 sleeves with a generous width and comfortable fit for everyone.

Material: 100% Baby Alpaca

** The name "Baby Alpaca" does not mean that the fiber was obtained from baby animals; it is a classification of micron, under 20, that most often comes from an adult alpaca.

Kuna Folklore Tunic

$375.00 Regular Price
$285.00Sale Price
  • Dry Clean

    • Seek out a reputable cleaner that is a member of the International Fabricare Institute.
    • Bring with you any labels or hangtags that contain fiber information or care instructions.
    • Inform your cleaner of any spots or stains; they will want to treat some stains before the dry cleaning process.
    • You may want to request mothproofing service.

    Hand wash / Lay Flat to Dry

    • You may choose to handwash your items. We suggest warm water soak with a little soap, DO NOT AGITATE!
    • DO NOT USE WOOLITE!! The new formulation of this product has been known to damage the fibers.
    • Rinse your item and roll in a towel to blot extra water.
    • Lay your garment flat to dry.
    • Use lavender sachets or a combination of lavender- wormwood to help keep moths from your fine alpaca items.