3'x5' Handwoven Wall Hanging/Rug 


The weave structure is tight and will last for years of wear. Super comfortable, soft to walk on, made from all-natural alpaca fiber wrapped around a jute core. All natural - no dyes!


Because we use fibers from our ranch, you may find bits of straw in the rug. This is due to the fact that they are not mass produced and are made from small family businesses. You may find their texture to be very appealing.

Shake your rug outdoors for the best results, but you can vacuum your rug with a smooth surface attachment, NOT a rug attachment. There will be a slight fiber loss each time you vacuum, but we find this is a very minimal amount. Spots are easily removed with mild soap and lukewarm water. We do recommend a carpet pad underneath for added safety. You may also soak your rug in a tub or top load washer, no agitation, and spin out, lay flat to dry.

Alpaca Counrty Estates, established in 2006, is located in Terrebonne, Oregon. We have bred numerous color champions. The micron count ( or softness of fiber) of our herd is in the middle teens to low twentys. The lower the micron the finer the fiber.

We welcome you to visit our ranch, upon appointment where you will find our onsite Boutique. We invite you to stay at our Bed & Breakfast which features a calming Alpaca experience with our incredible, magnificent creatures! Out setting is 2nd to none!

3' x 5' Handwoven Alpaca Wall Hanging/Rugs