Baby Alpaca's Adventure

An adorable book conceived and written while, visiting our pastures. Come see the characters in person at Alpaca Country Estates.


Overview: A baby alpaca wanders away from the nursery to explore the ranch and search for his true purpose. During his grand adventure he discovers a nose-kissing alpaca, a friendly hen, and a spunky one-eared mouse. His new friends teach him all about alpacas and ranch life in Oregon, and help him find his way back home to his mama.


Inspired by: The animals and workers at Alpaca Country Estates ranch in Terrebonne, Oregon


Written by: Ann Rivera

Illustrated by: Liz Brizzi

Spanish Interpretation by: Rocio Herman


Formats Available:  Paperback or Hardcover

Language:  English* 

Grade Level:  1 - 4

Reading Level:  6 - 10 Years

Number of Pages:  48

Size:  Paperback (6 x 0.1 x 9 inches) or Hardcover (6.25 x 0.4 x 9.25 inches)


*Please Note: The paperback and hardcover English versions have arrived!  We are taking currently taking pre-orders for the Spanish version which we expect to be available in 2021.

Baby Alpaca's Adventure - Book in Paperback or Hardcover

  • Great glossy cover, bright sensational illustrations inside, awesome warm adventure, educational name it!


    Readers can meet the people and animals on the ranch by reading the book- or they can read and come out to the ranch to have an adventure of their own!