Hand-Painted Worsted Alpaca Yarnin Multiple Colors

Ultra soft fiber from our alpacas and merino wool are blended together to create luxuriously soft yarn.  Some have an Angelina for accent to give the yarn some jazz!  

Alpaca & 15% Merino.  150 yards in each skein.



Mint Medley


Peaches & Cream  (infused peach and oranges

Peacock  (steel grey, royal blue, teal, light grey, powder blue)

Peppermint Stick

Supremely Mauve (mauve, grey, Angelina, lavender with hints of taupe-green

Steelhead Grey  (various light to dark grey with a tad of bluish purple)

Lilac & White Angelina  (shades of lilac and white)

Teal & Grey  (teal green shades with light grey)

Alpaca & 15% Merino Yarn: Hand-Painted in Several Color Options