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Alpaca Chullos ("Choy-ohs") -

Alpaca chullos are the perfect winter warmer!  Stylish South American design with ear-flaps that can be tied under the chin.  Great on the slopes, a perfect ski hat or snowboarding hat.  The use of Alpaca guarantees high quality, extreme softness and warmth.  


Alpaca Glove/Mittens (GLITTENS) -
Glittens are a versatile combination of fingerless gloves and mittens.  Button or unbutton to easily change between the two design options.  Ever want to wear mittens to keep your fingers warm but also know your going to have to send out a text message?  Now you can do both with these cozy convertible gloves!  Wear them as mittens until you need your fingers then flip the flap back and they are fingerless! 



  • One Chullo Hat  - $30.00
  • One Pair Glittens  - $28.00
  • Set (1 Chullo Hat & 1 pair Glittens) - $50.00



  • Color:  Dark Navy Blue, Lavender, Smoky Blue, White, Wine, Plum and Medium Purple.
  • Comfy:  Alpaca fiber is naturally lightweight yet softer, more durable and warmer than wool.
  • Versatile Design:  The convenience of gloves with the warmth and comfort of mittensEasily converts between fingerless gloves and mittens
  • Hypoallergenic:  Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin and is hypoallergenic.

Alpaca Chullo, Glittens or Set - Navy & Lavender

  • Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

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