100% Baby Alpaca Boucle' Throws - 4 Different Colors

Peruvian 100% baby alpaca throws made out of boucle' yarn in coffee, light grey with beige hints, jet black, and taupe. Use in your living room over a couch for family and friends to enjoy, or throw over your shoulders for a stunning wrap.  It is warm, soft, and cuddly. Very versatile!


Available in 4 different colors - Coffee, Taupe, Jet Black, Light Grey with Beige Hints, and Medium Grey.

100% Baby Alpaca Boucle' Throws - 5 Different Colors

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  • Created using 100% "Baby Alpaca," which is not, as its name implies, taken from baby alpacas. Rather, this sought-after yarn is created from the softest, finest part of adult alpaca fiber. 

  • Boucle' yarn contains loops that range in size from large, loose curls to tight circlets.  In fact, the word boucle' is French and means "to curl."  The larger the loops, the more texture the finished material will contain.  Like other woven textiles, several colors can be used to create an endless variety of designs and patterns.  Material woven from boucle yarn is used to make sweaters, jackets, accessories and wardrobe items in many styles.