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We are here for you through the process of education to owning your 1st alpaca.

Before you buy:

Alpaca Country Estates is not as interested in selling you an alpaca as much as we want to educate you on the life of being an alpaca owner.  We will help you decide if alpaca-ranching is some to add to your life. We want to insure our babies go to homes that understand what it takes to own , or should we say, "be owned" by alpacas.

Friendly Alpaca Country Estates Cria with a young boy.
girl and alpacas- Alpaca Country Estates friendly babies

Alpacas have a life expectancy of about 20 years. Females reach breeding age by 16-24 months, males don't reach sexual maturity until about 24 months. Of course there are exceptions to every rule.  The gestation period of an alpaca is 11-1/2 months (~350 days).

You can raise 2-3 alpaca on as little as one acre, but if you want to become a breeding farm, you will need several acres. Male and female alpaca need separate pastures. We suggest a minimum of 5 acres to start your alpaca ranching experience.

Many people think they can buy a male and female and start their own herd. We highly discourage that method. Because the females are induced ovulators, you need to separate the males and females, even the geldings. Males who are neutered,  can mount a females which can cause uterine infections in the females. 

Alpaca should NEVER be purchased as a single animal. Alpaca need other alpaca to remain happy and healthy. A good breeder is an invaluable tool in your life with these wonderful creatures.

Alpaca Country Estates Cria


Those darling faces and big eyes make so many  people say, "I HAVE to have one of those", but we are here to tell you they are not pets, like your dogs and cats.  Alpaca ranching is not for everyone! 


As cuddly as they may seem, especially from all the internet photos, the reality is that most, not all, alpacas prefer the company of their herd companions.  Like all animals, they all have individual personalities. 

Alpacas are gentle and curious, and they respond well to children.  We have seen many young people handling an animal in the show ring and even on an obstacle course!


Alpacas are well-suited for 4-H projects which helps the next generation learn about animal husbandry. 

Alpaca Country Estates Herdsires are magnificent!

Our magnificent herdsires are sons of industry legends including Snowmass Nova, Snowmass Royal Bronze, Snowmass Andean Night, and Snowmass Nova's Private Reserve. For amazing progeny, you will definitely want to consider our breeding services. And you will also receive...

  • Herdsire services include 60 days agistment free of charge except for medical care, veterinary services, etc.

  • Call for information on mobile breedings for nearby farms.

  • Discounts are offered for multiple breedings purchased at the same time.

  • Discounts for drive-by breedings.

We offer agistment (boarding) for either alpacas or llamas at $3.50 per day. There are additional fees for immunizations, veterinary services, transportation, training, and other extra services.

Our sales include the following services and guarantees:

Hundreds of Huacaya alpaca crias born each year at Alpaca Country Estates property!
Beautiful Foundation Stock available from Alpaca Country Estates
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