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Our Magnificent Fawn Herdsires

Meet our Ultra Fine, Dense, Elite Herdsires


Huacaya, Male, Proven | Light Fawn

ARI# 31140089, D.O.B. 11/18/2007

5/8 Peruvian,

“Snowmass Pure Passion is the most magnificent Light Fawn Matrix son Snowmass Alpacas has ever produced.”
~ Snowmass Alpacas LLC.

Snowmass Alpacas explained that Snowmass Pure Passion represented 30 years of passion in breeding for the perfect-colored fleece on the most beautiful-bodied alpaca. When Pure Passion was born, they stated that he was one that you could not take your eyes off. His fleece is extraordinarily fine, and gloriously bright, showing consistency of excellence from top to bottom as his pedigree would predict and his histograms reflect. Snowmass Pure Passion was first shown in 2009 at AOBA Nationals where he was awarded 1st place as well as Champion. In 2010, he took a 2nd to his brother Snowmass Matrix Elite in two shows, International Alpaca Odyssey and the Futurity, with the judges stating that Matrix Elite was denser but Pure Passion finer. Correctly so, as you see in his 5th fleece which measures 17.0 AFD. Snowmass Alpacas further stated "If you asked us to show you what we think an ideal alpaca looks like, we would take you to the pasture to see Snowmass Pure Passion."

Six Blue Ribbons for GET of SIRE - This stud will bring success to every aspect of your breeding program!


  • Outstanding conformation

  • Extreme fineness

  • Consistent, dense, bright fleece

  • Proven to produce same characteristics

  • Reproduces in all colors

  • Top 5% EPD's in 2020

A few of Pure Passion's Award-Winning Progeny

  • ESTATES PASSIONATE FEVER - LF Male 6/14/2018 (3X Judge's Choice, 14X Champion, ACE Herdsire)

  • ESTATES PURE REFLECTION - LSG Male 3/20/2017 (9X Grey Champion)

  • ESTATES PURE PASSION ROSE LEGACYXXX -MF Female 9/14/2018 (5x Champion, 2021 National Supreme Champion & 2021 Futurity Judge's Choice)

  • ESTATES PURELY CAPRI -LF Female 6/10/19 (3X Champion & Multiple Blues)

  • ESTATES PURELY APPRAISING - WH Male 7/24/16 (2X Color Champion & Multiple Blues, ACE Herdsire)

  • ESTATES PASSIONATE VICTORIA - DF Female 7/17/2018 (2X Color Champion & Numerous Blues)

  • J CREEK UP TOWN GIRL - DF Female 6/24/17 (2X Champion & Multiple Blues)

  • ESTATES SPIRIT DANCER -MF Male 6/23/2019 (2X Champion & Multiple Blues)

  • ESTATES HARMONIC PASSION -MF Female 7/3/2019 (Reserve Champion & Multiple Blues)

  • ESTATES PASSIONATE ROYAL SIGNET -White Female 6/26/20 (Reserve Color Champion & 1st Place, 2021 Gold Country)

  • ESTATES PASSIONATE FAITH -LF Female 9/7/2016 (Reserve Champ)

  • ESTATES SPIRIT DANCER - MF Male 6/23/2019 (1st Place, 2020 CABO)

  • J CREEK LUXOR - White Male 8/26/2017 (1st Place, 2018 California Classic)

  • ESTATES PURE DE LA MIRAGE - MF Female 7/20/2016 (1st Place, 2019 CABO Spin-Off)

  • ESTATES PURE PASSIONATE MARJA -DF Female 7/10/2018 (1st Place, 2019 Buckeye Alpaca Show)

Pure Passion's breedings have now closed. We have selected top quality females to breed to Pure Passion.

We also have several extraordinary, beautiful females bred to Pure Passion available for sale.



Huacaya, Male, Proven | Light Fawn

ARI# 35251934, D.O.B. 4/19/2016, 3/8 Peruvian, 1/2 Chilean

9x Champion & Numerous Blue Ribbons!

Meet our gorgeous light fawn 8x Champion & multi Blue Ribbon Winner, Estates Legendary Picasso, a proven herdsire with his first offspring on the ground in 2019. Judge Amanda VandenBosch assessed Picasso in May 2019 as an A- stating, "Picasso in maintaining fineness, has high frequency style crimp, uniformity across the blanket, good length to staple, use over color, and good cross back over Pure Passion offspring."  He was biopsied at 4.5 years by Dr. Norm Evans, DVM who said, "True Genetic Density: 80.5 follicles SQ MM; AFD: 16.53. Picasso's 250X scan which magnifies at 1000 times amazes me. Picasso shows only 20% of his secondary fibers have a degree of medullation. This male shows many strong genetic traits that should pass to his offspring.  He has retained his fineness of fiber"

Picasso is sired by our very Andean's Pegasus of Country Estates. Pegasus has genetics from PPeruvian Caligula, 4Peruvian Andean Gold, Snowmass Andean Bronze, and his sire, the stunning TB Snowmass Andean Midnight, a beautiful, compact, true black “silky soft” male with an outstanding pedigree for fineness.

His ribbon winning dam is the daughter of Patagonia's Ernesto, our magnificent Judge's Choice, 7x Champion & 5x Get of Sire award winning light brown herdsire. Lindeza also gifts Picasso with the legendary genetics of her grandsires - Patagonia's Lennox and Nishio.


Picasso is currently a 9x Champion with numerous Blue Ribbons!  Senior AOA fleece judge, Diana Timmerman had this to say about him - "He has extreme density, superior fineness, beautiful length & brightness, and a well-built form".  

We are thrilled to announce that son Estates Picasso’s Duke Malaga won Judge's Choice at BOTH 2023 TxOlan shows!  Judge Nasemann's comments: "A clear class winner. He's very correct, but the more exciting thing about him is the fineness. The quality of fineness, the density & that amount of fiber. This male is packed in it. Well done!  I was so impressed with that uniform micron. I took a second sample, & the belly is practically the same."  Picasso's offspring first hit the show ring in 2021. To give you an idea of just how pleased we are with him, his daughter, Picasso's Charisma, represented our ranch (with Spirit Dancer & Passionate Fever), helping our ranch bring home a Blue Ribbon for Breeder's Best Three at the 2021 Buckeye show!


This Stunning Multi-Champion now has many Champion and ribbon-winning progenies.  Here are just a few:

  • ESTATES PICASSO'S DUKE MALAGA - LF Male 7/22/21 - 7X Champion, 2X Judge's Choice & Numerous Blues

  • ESTATES PICASSO'S FAMOUS PAINTING - LB Male 5/24/21 - Color Champion & Numerous Blues

  • ESTATES PICASSO'S LEAH ROSE XXX - MF Female 10/31/21 - Multiple Blue Ribbons

  • ESTATES PICASSO'S CHARISMA - LF Female 9/8/20 - 1st Place, 2021 Buckeye Show - Breeder's Best Three

  • ESTATES WHISKEY RIVER - LB Male 9/2/20 - 2nd Place, 2021 CABA Classic; 2nd Place, 2021 AWE and 3rd Place, 2021 Futurity



Stud Fee: $5,200  

Alpaca Herdsire - ESTATES SHALIMAR

For more on Estates Shalimar...


Huacaya, Male, Proven | Medium Fawn

AOA# 35257059   D.O.B. 8/19/2014

5/8 Peruvian, 3/8 Chilean

Four centuries ago, in India, Emperor Shah Jahan fell hopelessly in love with Princess Mumtaz Mahal. He dedicated the Taj Mahal to her and had the elegant Gardens of Shalimar built for her as well. The Shalimar Gardens were laid out as a Persian paradise garden intended to create a representation of an earthly utopia in which humans co-exist in perfect harmony with all elements of nature. This enchanting tale was the inspiration of our Estates Shalimar.

Shalimar is a gorgeous medium fawn male with a clean blanket. He has dense, fine fleece with a soft handle. Shalimar ranked in the Top 10% EPD in 2021!

Shalimar has two amazing show animals as parents. His sire is none other than 7x Champion Crescent Moon’s Simtustus, a medium fawn male from two grey parents and WOW fleece! Even though he is a fawn, Simtustus contributes significant grey genetics to his offspring, along with fineness and advanced fleece characteristics.

Shalimar's dam, Snowmass Starz Sunrise is a 2x Blue Ribbon Produce of Dam Winner! She is the daughter of multi-champion Snowmass Conopa XXX, who took a first place in the AOBA World Fleece Show, and now resides Canada. Her dam, Snowmass Sizlin Starz, is a blue-ribbon daughter of Snowmass 'Sizlin Hot' (now standing in England as a leading genetic line for fine fleece improvement, which has been proven in his line 5 generations strong!) Her maternal grandsire, 5Peruvian Red Hot, is one of the finest and most consistent color studs Snowmass has ever produced.

Shalimar placed 2nd at the 2015 West Coast Alpaca Show (where the 1st Place winner was also the Reserve Champion), He also received a 2nd place ribbon from the 2015 Northwest Alpaca Showcase and third (out of a class of 10) at the 2016 CABA Classic. Next, Shalimar won first place at the 2018 CABA Classic show! At the 2018 Alpacapalooza show, Jude Anderson awarded Shalimar another Blue Ribbon, then he and his sister (Estates Passion's New Fallen Snow) earned their dam (Snowmass Starz Sunrise) the Blue Ribbon for Produce of Dam!

Since we have so many studs, Shalimar really hasn't been given a chance to excel. His daughter, Athen, has a 15% EPD for 2021.

Estates Shalimar

Stud Fee: $1,800  Introductory Fee

Price :  Ask - Multi-Blue Ribbon Winner!

AA Ringmaster


Huacaya, Male, Unproven | Medium Fawn

AOA# 36052776   D.O.B. 5/11/2020

Amber Autumn Ringmaster, a medium fawn male worthy of any excellent breeding program. This future Herd Sire is by Champion Amber Autumn Troy, by Snowmass Mr Sizlin Rose out of Amber Autumn Rosemarie by AML El Duro’s Principio. Ringmaster is a powerhouse of genetics and will take your breath away with his phenomenal head style, incredible phenotype, well aligned high frequency crimp, and superior density

With Ringmaster, you are getting Sizzlin Rose & Tehya genetics and those of several of North America’s big-name alpacas. His fleece displays crazy brightness, fineness, uniformity, and long staple. Square solid frame, ideal head style, perfect bite, coverage to his toes. Troy has been stamping all his kids like Ringmaster. Tehya herdsires: Troy X Sizzlin, Terrill X Principio, Taylor Made X Eclipse, Turbo X Signature, Duke of Earl X Eros, Thunderstruck X Ameretto. His dam is a Principio/Nova’s Private Res cross. We expect Ringmaster will have a major impact in the industry as his progeny start hitting the show ring.

Ringmaster is of breeding age now, and we can't wait to see what he will do!  

Amber Autumn Ringmaster-Left Profile.jpg

Stud Fee: $2,500  Introductory Fee

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